"What an amazing event!"  That was my reaction this morning as my family and I helped out at two of our four 2011 Gift Marts.  In this interview you will hear from Kirsten Strand, Community 4:12 Director who along with some friends started this Gift Mart 9 years ago.  The first Gift Mart had about 100 volunteers and 800 toys donated and we gave back to the school about $800.  And this year at just our two Aurora Gift Marts we will have more than 1000 volunteers, 8000 toys donated and give back to the schools about $10,000. Those numbers will increase dramatically when we get the totals from our other two Gift Marts in Joliet and Chicago.  But perhaps the most impressive number to me is that we have apprenticed several other churches and there are now 15 Gift Marts across the country making this kind of impact in thier community.  

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