Gift Mart 2009 Take a look at this pic.  And then multiply it by more than 3000.  Over the last couple weeks through Community 4:12 COMMUNITY was able to sponsor three Gift Marts that served more than 3000 families in under-resourced communities.  Here is what it took to serve more than 3000 families and show them the love of Jesus this Christmas:

  • Over 14,000
    for 3 Gift Marts.
  • 1,500
  • Over 120
    Partnering Organizations
    :  Churches–Orchard Valley Community Church,
    Good Shepherd Lutheran, Wheatland Salem United Methodist, Hope Tabernacle,
    Warehouse and others.  Schools–countless elementary, middle, and high schools
    sponsored toy drives.  Businesses-Wal-mart, Starbucks, Caribou, Crate &
    Barrel, Coke, Hub Group, and many, many others.  It is amazing to see this kind of unity!
  • $20,074 raised for
      All to support school improvement initiatives that limited
    school budgets won’t support!

We are making an IMPACT on the 20% who live in poverty, but also on
the 67% of the world that is far from God.  The 67% are watching us as we serve the 20%.  Here is what the principal of
Rollins Elementary School said as she worked as a volunteer this
year:  “…I’m  blown away by
not only the generosity of your church, but how incredibly welcoming and
friendly EVERYONE is.  Just being around the people from your church and seeing
how much they give and sacrifice has inspired me and my entire staff to want to
give more and serve more.  You all are an incredible example of generosity and
service that inspires us all.”

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