Book Can I Find My Way Back to God by Dave Ferguson and Jon FergusonWith the upcoming publication (2.24) of Jon and my new book, Finding Your Way Back To God, the publishers have been encouraging us to do some marketing.  Go figure!?! Since I don’t really like selling stuff, how about if I give something away for FREE? One of the really cool ancillary products that we have created is a 60-page booklet, Can I Find My Way Back To God?  It is designed to give to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or a first time attender at church.  Just for fun (and since I don’t really like selling stuff!) I will give away a FREE copy of Can I Find My Way Back To God to the first three people that ask me for it in person.  I will be traveling over the next few days, but if you just come up to me and ask for it, it will be yours for FREE.  Deal?

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