Generosity Conference logo Last weekend, for the second year in a row we had our Generosity Conference.  We brought in some of the best speakers and foremost experts to equip our us in the “how-to’s” of being generous and to motivate us to become the generous people that God wants us to become.  If you missed any of this great event; it is now generously provided to you for free on-line:

  • MAIN SESSION: Becoming A Generous Church – Rob Wegner (handout)  (video)
  • WORKSHOP:  Raising Generous Kids – David Briggs (handout)  (video)
  • WORKSHOP:  Money, Purpose, Joy – Matt Bell (handout)  (video)
  • WORKSHOP:  Generosity Begins With The Heart – Casey Graham (handout)
  • MAIN SESSION: The Urgency of Generosity – Dave Ferguson (handout)  (video)

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