A couple years ago Tony Danhelka pulled together a group of eight key spiritual leaders in Chicago and called them Gatekeepers.  In the group was Bill Hybels, Erwin Lutzer, James Meeks, James McDonald, Mark Jobe, John Eckhardt, Carlton Arthurs and Wilfredo DeJesus.  This group initially got quite a bit of press but has been pretty low-key since then.  3 months ago I got a call from my friend Mark Jobe, who is a part of this group telling me that they would like me to join them.  Being a leader and getting the opportunity to connect with guys of this caliber was too good to pass up.  I told him to count me in.

Friday was the first time I met with these guys.  We met at Crusaders Church and will continue to meet once a quarter with the next meeting at CCC.  I don’t feel at liberty to say everything that we talked about.  They probably don’t know I have a blog and would kick me out if I started publishing minutes from our meetings!  However I will say this:  at the first meeting I was impressed with their humility, their desire to learn and their passion for the church and God’s Kingdom. As you are reading this I would love to have you pray for this group.  The potential of this group to do something significant in the city of Chicago for Jesus is staggering!

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