Great_americaToday was a total blast!  Caleb, my 8 year old and I spent the entire day at Six Flag’s Great America.  If you are planning on going to Great America my advice is take an 8 year old with you.  It’s the perfect excuse to act like a kid.  We just ran from one roller coaster to the next and when we got tired of all the roller coasters we headed off to the wave pool!  Caleb told me, “this was the best day of my summer!”  I might have to agree.  My favorite ride was the Tornado (see the photo).  The ride is in the Thunder Island water park and starts 75 feet in the air.  When we took off we were thrust down a long tunnel by over 5,000 gallons of water.  Next we went swirling into a 60-foot wide giant funnel and then it finished by being pushed through a big waterfall. It was a 17-second rush!

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