TyphoonOur NewThing affiliate church Frontline Worship Center in San Pablo, Phillipines was hit dead on by the Typhoon Frank.  Fortunately, everyone is OK.  I got the following e-mail from Jeff Pessina last night:

Hi Dave, We got hit dead on, with the eye passing directly over us. Not my favorite time of the year. We were up all night at all locations (Children Center, Church, Main Center) trying to save ourselves from total destruction. Well, I mean, trying to keep our tarps and tents from being totally destroyed, and our roofing from flying away. We were climbing all over my trailer at 3am in pitch darkness, and nearly lost the covering, but finally got it tied town. Our kitchen tent did not fare so well. It was totally destroyed. So we are in freak out mode trying to finish up a temporary cooking and eating area.  All in all, this was not a massive hit… unlike Milenyo a couple years ago that really flattened us badly. We have a number of things damaged with some level of financial cost. And the chow-tent cannot be replaced easily since it came from the USA and is quite expensive. But otherwise, as I said, the damage was not as bad as some other storms (for us personally that is), and no one was hurt. So we thank God for that.  Thanks for asking Dave. Will talk with you soon. Bro Jeff

Jeff also gives an update today on his blog with some pics and a post titled, “Frank the Bad Guy.”   Good to hear everyone is OK!

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