Bull_frogWhen I got home last night both boys came running to the door.  One had a cool whip container and the other was doing the talking, “we caught a frog!”  Great.  Seems like something boys ought to do during summer time – catch bugs, snakes and frogs. So I take a look and sure enough it is a frog.

We hustle through dinner so that we can get my daughter to lacrosse and the boys to baseball.  Just as I’m getting ready to walk out the door Sue yells, “where is the frog!?!…the frog is not here!?!”  The cool whip container was empty and the frog had escaped somewhere in the Ferguson house.  There was a part of my in a panic, I knew this would make Sue crazy.  There was also a part of me that was amused…it’s kind of funny having a frog lose in the house.  Somehow the escaped frog became my fault.  Maybe Sue could tell that I wasn’t in enough of a panic.  For the next 30 minutes we had a seventh member of the Ferguson family: Dave, Sue, Amy, Josh, Caleb, our dog Cody and now a frog.  The circus finally came to an end when Josh found the frog hiding in the burner on the stove.  The ending could have been much worse.

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