Luggage_3Got some great news and some bad news!  The great news is that Sue Blackburn and myself finally got our luggage!  I don’t have any idea why it suddenly showed up at the Kigali International Airport, but it did.  It was just tagged with “mishandled due to unserviceable equipment.”  What is unserviceable equipment?  And why would you have equipment that was unserviceable?  Who knows?  But I got my stuff.  And thank you to some of you who were back home trying to help me out.  Really, that was very kind.

The bad news is that about the time we found our luggage we lost our internet.  So, that is why my wife hasn’t received all my sent e-mails and why haven’t posted stuff more recently.  But I think the internet is back too!  So, no complaints.  I have several other things I want to post – like some pics from our safari we took…but that will have to wait.  Today we are going back into the mountains again and I will get a chance to visit the family that we support through GFR.  Cool.

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