Since the place we stayed was just feet from the ocean we spent most of our time on the beach.  Here is Josh taking a tumble from the skim board.  He actually got pretty good at it.  I spent more time looking like this then he did!


One day we took a break from the ocean and went to the water park!?! Schlitterbahn Water Park had the best lazy river…complete with rapids and more!  Tons of fun!!


Here is the whole gang going horseback riding.  We are definitely not cowboys, but we had fun pretending!


One morning Sue and I got up early to catch a sunrise.  Here is my best attempt at taking a “cool” photo.  The one that I put on this blog when we arrived was a pic that I found online.  But it really was from Galveston, Island — I just didn’t take it.  This photo was actually taken by my camera!

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