Joe_cravemanMeet Joe Craveman!  People call him the “Craveman” because he’s looking to satisfy his soul cravings. No, he’s not a caveman… he’s a Craveman! And Joe is out there searching, interacting and talking to people trying to figure out what this thing called life is all about.   Joe has a blog you can check out at JoeCraveman.comHe just recently posted his first weblog – check it out by clicking HERE!

Craveman is gaining huge popularity.  One of his videos is getting tons of hits in just a few days (over 14,000!) on YouTube and was recently featured in the people and blogs categoryCheck out Craveman on YouTube by clicking HERE.

If you just want to get to know Joe, start HERE.   But Joe is an interesting guy who is asking  serious questions about these real life issues:

All of us will be following Joe’s search and adventures for the next couple months as we start a new series at Community Christian Church on September 15th & 16th called Soul Cravings:  The Evolution of the Soul.  Join me as we follow the Adventures of Joe Craveman and spread the word!

I’ll have more on Joe in future posts…

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