We are very excited to welcome 5 new Affiliates to NewThing!
  These churches are almost exclusively new churches who are starting with a commitment from day number one to be a reproducing church.  On occasion, there are exceptional existing churches who are willing to do the hard work of re-tooling their values toward reproduction and they will become a NewThing Affiliate; and we have one of those in the five.  With the growing number of churches in NewThing we are will soon be moving from three networks to six networks.  God is on the move!

Momentum Christian Church, Chris Hornbrook, Lead Pastor (Chula Vista, CA)
Momentum’s vision is to start a new church in Chula Vista, California – a multi-staffed, fully functioning, thriving church that will be a catalyst to plant other churches all over San Diego County.  This new church plant in Chula Vista is led by Chris Hornbrook who moved with his wife, Lindsey, from Indiana to southern California. They have already assembled a great staff and launch team (and are also expecting their first child!).  Starting on Oct 12, 2008 Momentum will be meeting at the AMC theater in Chula Vista located just south (that’s right, south) of San Diego!

The San Francisco Project, Aaron Monts, Lead Pastor (San Francisco, CA)
Having concluded a Leadership Residency at COMMUNITY, Aaron Monts has
left behind the Windy City for the adventure of church planting!  Aaron
and his wife, Tracy, are leading a church plant set to launch in 2009
with the purposeful mission of reproducing groups, locations and
churches that will transform people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Waterfront Community Church, Jim Semradek, Lead Pastor (Schaumburg, IL)
When Jim Semradek came to COMMUNITY a few years ago, it was with a vision to plant a church in Schaumburg, Illinois. Then, as a staff person and campus pastor, Jim continued to catch a vision for reproducing ministry that is now ready for the next step.  As of Oct 19, 2008, Waterfront will open its doors as a new and innovative church. Jim has assembled a launch team and staff leadership with the drive to have a church that “loves God and people well”.

Paseo Christian Church, Greg Hunt, Lead Pastor (El Paso, TX)
In August 2006, Greg Hunt moved with his wife, Jill, and their 3 kiddos to El Paso, TX from Champaign, IL where he served as the Student Minister.  The hope of Paseo is to be a church that is distributed through both the traditional avenues of a Sunday gathering & the birthing of house church networks so that they can help people wake up to the reality of Christ & their need for Him.  The uniqueness of being a “hybrid” church has allows Paseo to engage people from all walks of life: former drug runners, missionaries, poverty stricken, professionals, homeless men & women, Hispanic, gringos, & everyone else in between.

Southpoint Community Church, Brett Kays, Lead Pastor (Trenton, MI)
Southpoint CCC is a 16-year old church located in Trenton, Michigan
just outside of Detroit.  Brett Kays founded this church with the
vision of reaching the entire “downriver” region and they are well on
their way! As Southpoint looks to continue to reproduce the ministry
that God has given them, they bring experience and leadership to

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