Baptism 02.22.09 (1)
Today was one of those amazing days in the life of COMMUNITY.
  I had a hunch that it was going to be a good service when I got an e-mail from Tony, our Arts Director at CCC-Romeoville telling me that we needed to cut a few minutes out of my message so that we could fit in the five baptisms that we had scheduled.  And it was not just a good service…it was an experience to be remembered for a life time.  After we got done baptizing the five planned we asked if anyone else wanted to make a public commitment to following Jesus.  And for the next twenty minutes we saw seven more people get in line to be baptized.  The pic you are looking at above is one of the guys who in the moment decided to get baptized and just jumped in with his clothes on.  It was amazing day!
Baptism 02.22.09 (2)
The catalyst for this amazing day was our Student Community.  The five scheduled baptisms were all students and most of those that decided in the moment to get baptized were also high school students.  It is remarkable what God is doing in the life of our students

Baptism crowd 02.22.09
If you were one of the dozen people who was baptized at CCC-Romeoville today this is what the crowd looked like from your vantage point.  I love how everyone is on their feet, leaning forward, taking it in and cheering these people on.  I love this church!

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