Filing_cabinetI don’t know where you want to file this stuff?  If I was filing it, I would put it in the file under “good stuff”.  So here is some good stuff I’ve ran across in the last few days:

Did you check out Jon’s post, “You Know You Are Not Leading When…”  It is getting a lot of attention in the blog world and now he is bragging about all the hits he is getting on his site!  But I have to admit, it’s good stuff!

Tammy also had a great post about Kid’s City Leadership Pipeline  Greg Ligon, author of Multi-Site Revolution (and all around good guy) read this and says that Tammy “is the one of the greatest places to get answers on multi-site and  leadership development.”

In case you didn’t get the word, Community was named one of the most innovative churches in the country.  In the last year we have been on the most influential list, top reproducing list, fastest growing list and now most innovative list.

Scott Longyear did a quick interview with me on Resonate.  I’m not sure this actually falls into the category of “good stuff”, but since he put it on his blog, I thought I ought to at least acknowledge it on mine!?!

This weekend we start preview services for the opening of our ninth campus, CCC-Plainfield on March 2nd.  If you are wondering why Plainfield will be a great community for a new location check out this article from the Herald-News and this research by the Gadberry Group.  We already have about 170 people in our launch team and it looks like this is going to be a great launch!

Seems like The Big Idea is getting another surge of interest.  Cool.  Here is one guy who said, “Of all the books that he read in 2007 that The Big Idea and Communicating for Change had the biggest impact in my life, ministry-wise.”  And another blogger put it in their top books for 2007.

And since we have our Generosity Conference coming up on February 2nd…I thought I should give you a peek at this article that says there is research that says “Giving Makes You Rich”.  You decide!

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