Scott Knollenberg is a guy who found his way back to God at COMMUNITY.  Scott is also our brand new Campus Pastor at our Romeoville Campus.  I asked Scott to share his story with you.  Here it is in Scott’s words:

“In 1998, I was far from God and had just relocated to Romeoville.  I was one of the first residents to move into the HighPoint Community, a new residential development built by 3 partners: HighPoint Apartments, Institute for Community, and Community Christian Church.  Three months after moving in I was playing sand volleyball when I met a guy named Troy McMahon.  After spending 2 weeks trying to figure out who this “Troy guy” was, I discovered he was the Campus Pastor of the Romeoville Campus that was launching in the new Friendship Center.  Despite my past views of church people and being far from God, I made a huge step to attend my first CCC service because I felt HighPoint and its new church was a “cool place with cool leadership”.

Meanwhile, I was finishing up graduate school and advancing my career with Caterpillar.  But God was changing me.  While interviewing for a dream job at Caterpillar world headquarters, I shockingly declined the promotion explaining I could not leave my church in Romeoville and relocate.  On the drive home, I called Troy and asked him to baptize me.  I felt it was finally the right time because this was the first major decision I had ever made that was not about building my own personal kingdom.  Two years later, I left the corporate marketplace and joined CCC staff first as the Kids’ City Director and now I will be the Campus Pastor.  Because of CCC, IFC and HighPoint, I have accepted Jesus and have become a better husband to Michelle and father to my daughter, Chloe Grace.  I’m excited to help make COMMUNITY-Romeoville the world model at reaching and building strong families.  That’s what this place did for my family and there are many more “Scotts” out there in this community who are far from God.”

That is sooo cool!  Scott’s story embodies what we want to see happen in the lives of people over and over and over again.  10 years ago Scott was far from God and today he is leading a campus
with hundreds of people who are accomplishing the Jesus mission!

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