Coast_to_coast_2Today was the first day of our two day sold out  Coast to Coast Multi-Site Conference – and it was awesome!  At least for me it has been a blast; I can’t speak for the other 700 + attenders.  But it seems to have a great vibe!  Seacoast is doing a great job of hosting and I just really like hanging out with their team, the team from NorthCoast and Leadership Network people like Greg Ligon and Dave Travis.  Good folk!!

The bad news…it is 11:34 pm and I just realized that I lost all my notes.  I have a workshop and main session to do tomorrow…and I need those notes!!  Probably once every few months I will set down my notes and not be able to find them for a few minutes.   It is like losing one of your kids in the mall…I start to panic.  So, I’m facing one of my great fears – losing my notes!  I will get up early and go over to Seacoast to see if I can find them.  I’m praying already!

Tuesday, May 9th update at 7:47 AM – I found my notes!!  And of course now I’m telling myself – “I bet I could’ve done it without notes!”  (I’m glad I don’t have to find out!)

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