Ebay_3As a part of our Retro series today the Big Idea was all about the materialism of the 80’s.  Since we can’t stand simply “talking” about this kind of stuff we asked people to really DO something about it!  We asked every person that is part of Community Christian Church to sell a possession of value!  We set up an account on eBay and mission fish asked that over the next two weeks that everyone at CCC make a clear and radical declaration that they will not give into materialism and sell a valuable possession.  I love this!  Here is how we defined greed:  “when it comes to the choice between my comfort and someone else’s need, I pick my comfort”.  That’s greed. Where will the money go from all the stuff that we sell on eBay?  Good question.  It will go to some real needs that are far more important than our comfort.  Here are three needs:

  • Benevolence – every week we have people show up at one of our eight locations who have real needs.  Often times it is a single mom who needs a “hand-up” to get them through the next month or so.
  • Community 4:12 – we have a phenomenal ministry that partners with schools in under-resourced east Aurora.  We an array of services (tutoring, mentoring and more) that we offer.  More recently we have started a sports ministry since many of the extra-curricular activities in this school district have been cut.
  • New CCC-Plainfield Campus – on March 2, 2008 we are starting our ninth campus in Plainfield.  65-75% of all people who live in Plainfield are unchurched.  We want to start a new site there to help people find their way back to God.

As I was leaving CCC-Yellow Box, Campus Pastor Tim Bakker showed me an high end Movado watch that a guy who was baptized two weeks ago  gave him.  He told Tim, “I don’t really need this”.  I also got a phone call from CCC-Shorewood Campus Pastor John Ciesniewski telling me that a lady told him that she had just bought some expensive diamond jewelry and she told him, “I really like this, but I don’t need this.”

Why not join us?  Here is how you can do it:

  1. Sign up for an eBay account at www.eBay.com
  2. Sign up for an account at www.missionfish.org
  3. Return to eBay and list your item:  take a picture, write a description,
    set a price, and get ready to wheel and deal.
  4. Once your item sells on eBay, click on the mission fish.

For those of you who are not eBay savvy, we have an arrangement with the Simply Sold Stores in Romeoville and Naperville.  Just drop off your stuff and they will take care of it from there.

If any of this is confusing or you have any questions call our hotline:  630.328.8945
or e-mail: giveitaway@communitychristian.org

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