Gentlemans_barberEveryday at CCC is different!  Wednesday morning I spent a couple hours crunching numbers with the Lead Team to make next years budget work.  Then in the afternoon I’m playing volleyball with the staff at our Montgomery/Oswego Campus (the team of Romeoville and Carillon won the tourney).  In the middle of all this Pat and I are trying to finalize the marketing for our Fall IGNITE campaign and the launch of our CCC-Yorkville campus. Later Wednesday afternoon Eric gets myself and all our campus pastors to shoot a choreographed dance video to the Disney tune of “Be Our Guest”.  (embarrassment coming soon to a campus near you!) Then yesterday I shot one of our  BIG IDEA teaching short films at The Gentleman’s Barber.  The topic was What Men Need as a part of our upcoming series, Love Is Never Enough (this short film will be showed at four locations on 9.24).  All I have to say is The Gentleman’s Barber is an amazing place!  It has all of the following and more …

  • Putting green
  • Flat screen satellite TV’s with each barber chair (see photo)
  • Manicure Station
  • Foot bath
  • Massage room
  • Cigar lounge

So, while I was teaching from Ephesians 5:33 Eric kept the video rolling and I got to practice my putting and a few firsts at the Gentleman’s Barber:  I got by far the best haircut I’ve ever had!  It would have been the most expensive haircut too but Pete gave us a freebie. (Thanks Pete!) And this was also the first time I ever had a manicure.  Pete insisted I do it; Eric videotaped it and I have to admit I liked it (I’m questioning my own manhood at this point).  The rest of today? I need to finish the next edit of our soon-to-be released book The BIG IDEA: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact.  Tomorrow?  It will be different again – we break ground on an addition at our Naperville-Yellow Box location and I get to baptize two people!  Everyday at CCC is different and I love it!

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