Efrem Smith planted The Sanctuary in Minneapolis and four years later it is a dynamic multi-cultural, multi-racial church that is making huge impact in an urban context.

I got to spend some time with Efrem at Exponential ’08 last April in Orlando and he is a funny, inspiring guy – not just on the stage, but off the stage too!  We had him and Eric Bramlett hosting the event and they did a phenomenal job.  It is clear that Efrem is a leader who is very passionate about church planting and understands the priority of being a reproducing church. Here are a few take-aways from Efrem’s inspirational talk:

  • “Race is still an issue, class is still an issue, tribalism is still an issue – all around the world.”
  • “The church of the future should be multi-racial and multi-cultural.”
  • “We should try to plant as many multi-racial, multi-cultural new churches in the cities as we possibly can.”

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