99 cent coffee I’m 48 hours into the $2/Day Challenge; this is a challenge that we gave to all of COMMUNITY in an effort to help us identify with 20% of the world that lives in extreme poverty.  I think it is working.

Today I saw a Dunkin Donuts sign advertising coffee for 99 cents.  Normally, if I saw that sign and wanted the coffee, I would buy it.  But since that was now half of all the money I had to eat on all day – I knew I could not afford it.  And forget Starbucks!

After two days on the $2/Day Challenge I have couple learnings:

First, while I am feeling grouchy, I am not going hungry. I really thought I might not get full on just $2/day. I think the reason I’m grouchy is because of how much less sugar I’m getting.  It may be withdrawal.

Secondly, I am realizing that much of my eating is recreational.  I eat for fun.  When you have only $2/day to eat on you don’t get to do any recreational eating.  You eat for survival and not for fun.

If you are also doing the $2/Day Challenge or if you have done something like this, leave me a comment and tell me your reflections or learnings.

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