I got an e-mail (actually 3) yesterday from Ben Pahlow of Global Family Rescue telling me that he had a meeting with most of the 250 families that GFR supports. One of the people he got to connect with was my friend Faustin (the family we support) and so he took this photo and sent it to me.  Ben also told me that he found the gifts and some other stuff we had for Faustin that got misplaced in the great Rwanda lost luggage debacle. If you look closely at bag that Faustin is holding it contains a photo of the Ferguson’s from last Easter.  Sue was glad to see that they got this picture of us.  Ben told me that when he saw Sue and boys (he has already met me and Amy) he asked, “When are they coming to visit me?”  Good questions!?

I’m still thinking about the trip to Rwanda and it was good to hear from Ben and Faustin.  It is still amazing that $59.00/month can literally save a family!  One of the cool things that has happened since I got back is that I have had four people contact me after reading this blog wanting to support a family in Rwanda.  Very cool.  Well, I just wanted to let you in on this Rwanda postlude.

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