Finding Your Way 3D (1)It was one of the most exciting discoveries of my life. My brother Jon and I had just finished a whole day listening to more than couple dozen people tell us their story of finding their way back to God. Over the years we had informally heard hundreds of these stories, but since we were writing a book on Finding Your Way Back To God we wanted to dedicate some time to interviewing people about their spiritual journey. One after another they entered the room and allowed us to ask them intimate details of their spiritual pilgrimage. We spent an hour with Aaron who most of his adult life claimed to be an atheist and had no time for God. We interviewed Holly, who saw her husband disabled from depression and her family disintegrate and felt her whole world was collapsing. We talked with Rick, a new husband whose wife had a stroke on their wedding night and he kept asking, “Why?” Each of them and over twenty more told us they had found what was missing when they found their way back to God.

While each story was individually fascinating; together they allowed us to make an exciting discovery. With each story we began to see a pattern in these journeys back to God. With each interview, it was as though every person grabbed us by the hand and took us on the trip they traveled to find their way back to God. After accompanying so many people on this quest a well-worn path became apparent to both Jon and me. It was a path back to God that almost always included five spiritual awakenings. Each of these awakenings was expressed in language such as, “There’s got to be more”, “I wish I could start over”, “I can’t do this on my own” and more. And lastly, it was consistent with what I read in scripture and heard in the words of Jesus. All of this was tremendously exciting because I’m convinced that these experiences and expressions can help others find their way back to God too. For that reason, our new book, Finding Your Way Back To God, is broken into sections consisting of these five awakenings.

Awakening to Longing: “There’s got to be more.”
Awakening to Regret: “I wish I could start over.”
Awakening to Help: “I can’t do this on my own.”
Awakening to Love: “God loves me deeply after all.”
Awakening to Life: “Now this is living!”

We never would have made this discovery on our own. It was through hearing other people’s stories that these five awakenings were revealed. And for that reason I want to ask for your help. Would you please share your story of how you found your way back to God? At the bottom of each page on my website is a form you can use to share your story.

I will be dedicating a lot of space on this blog helping you and me experience those five awakenings. I will also tell stories of people who found their way back to God. Maybe yours. My hope is that you and those close to you will find their way back to God.

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