Discover the Dream
Whenever I encounter someone who is making a significant impact I start asking questions.  If I find that person motivated and passionate about what they are doing, I explore their story even more.   Most of the time I quickly learn that at some point in their life they encountered the power of Discovering the Dream that God put within them and are living that dream.

God has a unique dream for each of us to discover and live out.   I would love to see every one encounter the power of discovering and living out the dream that God has placed in them.  That is why NewThing is hosting Discover the Dream  at 8:00- 11:30 am on Monday April 20, 2009, at Exponential Conference in Orlando, FL.

We are looking to connect with emerging leaders who want to live out God’s dream for them through a reproducing church movement.  Have you thought that maybe God is calling you to something new?  Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit that is begging to be unleashed to impact God’s kingdom?  May be you aren’t sure what your dream is, or you have an idea, but you haven’t defined that dream.  If so, Discover the Dream is an experience that will put you on the path to discovering how to make God’s dream for you a reality.

We want this to be a personal experience so space is limited to the first 80 people who sign up.  For more information and registration click HERE.

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