Caleb_joseph_musical_2We have over 400 students that are now a part of Community Christian Church’s School for the Arts.  (If you would like to see a sample of our summer program, click HERE.)  The dream behind the SFTA is to develop more and better artists.  Why?  Because we believe that if we are ever to accomplish the vision of 200 CCC locations in the Chicago area there are two things we have to do well:  1. Develop more and better leaders.  2. Develop more and better artists.

Tonight I went to see one of those young artists – my 9 year old son Caleb.  He was part of a musical camp that met for the last couple weeks and tonight put on a stomp musical, Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace.  The pic to the left is of Caleb and his friend Jared in costume.  Caleb had the lead role as Joseph and did a great job.  He not only had his lines memorized, but seem to have everyone else’s memorized and was ready to cue them if they forgot. They did a good job and the kids seem to have lots of fun.  The last thing Caleb said to me after the performance was, “Dad, I think I want to do this again next year.”  I love how we are developing young artists for the future.

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