Missional Team Development The
following is an excerpt from our new book EXPONENTIAL:

How You And Your Friends Can Start A Missional Church Movement
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“What makes a missional team distinct is that it has a cause-related focus. In the previous chapter I gave you a small group model that includes the 3C’s with a greater emphasis initially on connecting than on celebrating or contributing.  A missional team is composed of the 3C’s, but will ultimately have a greater emphasis on contributing.

Missional teams, which we sometimes refer to as 3C Communities are the kinds of gatherings that will serve people and can reach people who would never walk through the doors of our churches.  The model shows the development of a missional team:

BIRTH:  The missional team will experience all 3C’s, but will be birthed one of two ways:  First, through an affinity or connection with a particular group of people.  Secondly, through a cause to which you and your friends want to “contribute” their time, talent, and resources.

ADOLESCENCE:  Whether your missional team is birthed with a focus on connecting or contributing the next phase is to encourage people who are connecting to also contribute and encourage those who are contributing to also connect

MATURITY:  As a missional team reaches maturity, it will continue to focus its efforts on contributing to the cause.  However, there will be an increased emphasis on celebrating, as some begin to find their way back to God and others grow in their relationship with Christ.”


How You And Your Friends Can Start A Missional Church Movement
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