Deliberate SimplicityAs the church struggles with the polarizing arguement of whether it should be incarnational or attractional Dave Browning is a prophetic voice that calls for simplicity.  In this new book, Deliberate Simplicity Browning compares the traditional church with a church based on simple and reproducible Biblical principles.  If you are looking for a new paradigm for accomplishing the Jesus Mission that is much less cumbersome than old models then Deliberate Simplicity is a must read.  Dave has done a tremendous job of re-prioritizing what’s really important and showing us how to empower and unleash others to accomplish the mission of Jesus.

I have a tremendous admiration for Dave Browning and I also consider him a good friend.  That is not a good enough reason for you to buy this book.  But the fact that Dave is one of the global leaders in the reproducing church movement is a good enough reason; so get your copy of Deliberate Simplicity.

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