Picture_563_1Today was phenomenal!  The highlight was a nearly 3 hour outdoor worship service with a church in the small village of Gitumba about two hours outside of Kigali.  This picture is just a part of the choir  that led the worship with enthusiastic singing and dancing.

The best part for me was at the end of the service when they were singing and dancing and I told Ben dared me to go dance with the choir.   I said, “if you go, I’ll go”.  The next thing you know you got two very white guys dancing right in the middle of this Rwandan choir.  Actually, I think they were begging for it! (my perception!?!)  Pretty soon the whole place was up for grabs as Community Christian Church people and Gitumba Church people were all dancing and singing together.

I know some of you have seen me dance and you may be are worried about how this will impact our future relationship with the Rwanda church.  Well, don’t worry – after the dance we finished the service with a prayer and repented (not for dancing…just the bad dancing!).

The worship experience with the Gitumba church was an amazing experience.  You could tell they were really thrilled that we were there and we were honored to be a part of it!  If you can imagine all these CCC people dancing in the middle of 300 Rwandans, I think you will get a glimpse of Heaven!

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