Newthingpracticum1_6Yesterday was day #1 and today is day #2 of the NewThing Multi-Site Practicum we are doing in the Washington D.C. area.  As the demand for more and more of these Multi-Site Practicum increases we have found ourselves in other places than Chicago.  (Part of me likes the adventure of going to new places, but part of me also thinks that maybe we should just do all these in Chicago and then not be away from home and family at all. More stuff to figure out.)  Anyway, this is another exceptional group of churches that are making plans for reproduction.  One of the churches is New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Their tag line is – “a transethnic community of believers” which is an interesting way to describe who they are…very compelling.  The other thing that is interesting about this church is that they were once a part of a multi-site church that had six sites and then disbanded.  About eight years later they are considering going multi-site themselves.  Talking to them has been interesting because there is a ton of stuff that has been learned about multi-site in the last six years that is going to be immensely helpful.

While being away from home is the downside of travel, the upside of being in D.C. was hooking up with Todd Wilson and Mark Batterson and trying to figure out the next “new thing”.  I think we got a couple good ideas.  Stay tuned.

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