READ: John 18

MY VERSE:  John 18:4 “Jesus, knowing all that was going to
happen to him, went out…”

MY REFLECTION: Jesus had just finished praying for himself, his
disciples and us. He was in this place
of solitude and peace with His Father. And what would happen next is the most heroic effort ever taken on. John describes it this way, “Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen
to him, went out…” 
that. Imagine knowing that you were
going to be beaten bloody and near to death; and knowing that you would then be
forced to carry a cross that they would nail your body upon; and knowing that
is how you would die. It’s unimaginable! Jesus knew all this and still “went out…”. Why? He did it for me and for you.

MY PRAYER: Father, thank you so much for your heroic love for
us. It really is unimaginable that you
would love me so much that you would knowingly allow yourself to be tortured to
death. Thank you.   This is definitely something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Father, let me never take this for granted
and let it never become familiar. With
love and loyalty, Dave.

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