The first night of our planning for ’07-’08 was both productive and fun!!  We did some reflecting how we are doing with our ’06-’07 initiatives, some celebrating and then started dreaming about next year!  What is amazing about this group is how work can be so much fun.  I’m sure that the original work (before the curse) that God gave to Adam was meaningful and fun.  I think God has redeemed the work we do at Community Christian Church and it is both meaningful and fun!  And speaking of fun — after we got all our work done around 9:30 we set up the karaoke machine in the bar and took turns making fools of ourselves.  First place went to Carter Moss with a controversial runner-up decision going to Shawn Williams.

Today we will take a look at our list of about 30 things that we said we would like to see happen in the next year and narrow it down to about 5-7 that will be staff key objectives and then pick out the top 2-3 that we will challenge our leadership and the whole church to really go after in the next year.

If you want more on our Lead Team/Campus Pastor/Champion planning meeting (I hate saying “retreat”… it sounds like we are running from something instead of toward something!?!) then check out Jon’s blog or Bills blog.

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