Davinci_code_full_accessWe got tons of great feedback on the DaVinci Code Full Access series.  Here is part of an e-mail I just received:  “Dave, What a very energetic and powerful message.  Thank you.  I don’t know how the leadership team does it, but I am rarely anything less than completely amazed with the every aspect of CCC.  From the quality of the music and productions to the consistent passion and zeal of the leaders, to hospitality and Kids City.  So many moving parts, so well executed.  Thank you…”

Part of me that is glad to have all the DaVinci Code hype behind us; but there is another part of me that is grateful for all the controversy created by The Da Vinci Code book and movieIt has served as a reminder that we are ALL intrinsically interested in spiritual things. It also gave the the church a chance to say, “Yes, there is a secret, and it is not about a relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  The real secret is that our souls long for God and that strangely enough, as hard as it may be to believe, God longs for us!”

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