Dashboard CCC (2)
In my post last week, Focus on Spiritual Growth not “Discipleship” I talked about the dashboard at Community and how we track the number of 3C Christ Followers.  A number of people commented wanting to know more about the dashboard that we use at Community.

This is an example of our current dashboard.  This pic shows the percentage of people that are connecting at each of our nine campuses and as a church overall.  We have set an expectation that we want 75% of our people connected in small groups.  As you can see in the diagram five of Community’s campuses are beyond the 75% mark.  These are the campuses in green and they have between 84% and 120% of people connected.  The three in yellow have between 60% and 68% of the people connected in small groups.  And the one campus is currently in red is slightly below 60%.  We have several pages like this one that are updated on a weekly basis that show how many people are celebrating, connecting, contributing, giving, baptisms and more.  It is a terrific tool that helps you really understand numerically how you are doing as a church.

If you want more on this topic I wrote an article titled: Golf Scores & Dashboards:  Keeping Track of How the Church is Doing.

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