Multisite_exposed_webinarYesterday was a great day at New Life Community Church in Chicago as we kicked off Multi-Site Exposed.  It was great to get to hook up with Darrin Patrick, Mark Jobe and Jim Downing and hear what God is doing in their churches.  It was also cool to connect with Greg Ligon and Todd Rhodes of Leadership Network who (once again) were the engine behind making this go.Darrinpatrick_3

Darrin Patrick is the Lead Pastor at the Journey Church
in St. Louis which has four locations with
about 2500 people.  Darrin is an authentic passionate leader who I love being around.  He talked about the complexity of communication with staff and alignment of sites.  They use the acrostic R.A.C.I. and the following four questions to help with communication and

  • Responsible:  who is responsible?
  • Accountable:  who is accountable?
  • Consulted: who needs to be consulted?
  • Informed:  who needs to be informed?

Darrin made this great point:  “The important question is not ‘will you do multi-site’; the question ‘is your church on mission?'”  Darrin concluded with  this question:  “What one thing will you and your team do to make sure your church is on mission?”

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