I got the news yesterday morning that Coretta Scott King had died while checking bloglines.  Then, I had friend of mine, Dennis Taylor send me an e-mail  with this picture (you gotta love it!) In the  e-mail I thought Dennis put it very poetic, “A Queen is reunited with her King”.

Coretta’s death brings to a close a certain chapter in history. Of all the people in contemporary history, I find Martin Luther King Jr is personally the most inspiring.  It is very rare that you find someone who not only lives their life for a worthy cause, but is also willing to die for that cause.

One of the driving questions of my life has been, “Dave, what will you trade your life for?”  I believe that everyone dies a martyrs death.  Some of us all at once like MLKII and others of us we trade our lives one day at a time over the course of 70 or 80 years.  But we all live and then die for something.

I remember doing a funeral once where I met with the family so they could give me some words to say about the man who had just died.  In the room were family and friends and I asked them, “so what do you want me to say about your husband, father, brother and friend?”  It was totally silent.  Then someone finally spoke up and said, “the truth is this guy was just a real son of a bitch!”  More silence.  That was brutal.

I remember another time when I sat in the same kind of room with the same kind of people preparing for a funeral. I asked the same question, “so what do you want me to say about your wife, mother, sister and friend?”  This time someone spoke right up and went into a lengthy speech on how much this person loved the Cubs and how loyal they were to their baseball team.  I like sports…alot!  But I hope that is about the 20th thing on the list of things people mention when I’m gone.

I guess hearing about Coretta Scott Kings death made me think of Martin Luther King Jr.  And thinking of him made me ask the most important question of my life – “what am I dying for?”  I think Coretta traded her life to remind people about MLKII and for what he traded his life.  It didn’t hit me till right now – I think I want to be like Coretta.  I want to live my life to remind people about someone else and for what He traded his life.

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