One of the things I love about the NewThing Multi-Site Practicum is that we get to connect with some great leaders from remarkable churches.  Some of these churches are well publicized mega churches that you would know.  Other times they are really cool churches doing awesome stuff in places that you have never heard of or never been to.   One of several teams at the this past practicum that really impressed me is Senior Pastor Bryan Mills and the the team from Meadow Heights Church in Fredericktown, Missouri.  This amazing church has four weekend celebration service and averages more than 600 in attendance in a town of only 3,928 people!  But that is not all – they came to the Coast To Coast Multi-Site Conference and then the NewThing Multi-Site Practicum and now have plans to go multi-site in the next year!   And if you check out this blog, Bucketology it sounds like they had a great time at the NewThing Multi-Site PracticumA very cool church I did not know about!

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