Whenever I talk about our BIG IDEA process I tell teaching pastors: “If you would collaborate with other teaching pastors you would get a much better message in a lot less time.”   The only evidence I had to back this up was my own experience.  When we started collaborating on our teaching it reduced my prep time by half and I know that messages got much better.  Well, this week I had a meeting  with a brilliant educator and he said something about the power of collaboration that verifies my statement.  Here is what he told me:  “Dave, it takes the average elementary teacher five years to put together a superior quality lesson plan.  But if you take a team of average elementary teachers and have them collaborate together on lesson plans they will have a superior lesson plan their second year.”  Wow!  Collaboration is a huge value for CCC and NewThing.  It’s how we create our BIG IDEA every week.  We are considering putting together a BIG IDEA Practicum to help churches create their own BIG IDEA collaborative process.  Interested?   If you want to read about it – it is a huge part of our new book that you can pre-order:  The BIG IDEA: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact.

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