What a great weekend at COMMUNITY as each of our nine locations unveiled their Church 2.0 vision for this coming year.  I did a 10 minute set-up via video cast and then each of our campus pastors communicated the rest of the vision they have for this coming year.  I have to admit it is kind of strange for me to not be communicating the vision for every location, but this is definitely the next step that God has for us.  While there are some things that ares staying exactly the same: “helping people find their way back to God; the 3C’s of celebrate, connect and contribute; there are some things that will be different. What God wants us to do in Pilsen is different than what God has next for us in CCC-Romeoville and what God wants us to do in CCC-Yellow Box is slightly different than what He wants for us to do next in CCC-Yorkville.

I got to visit three of our sites this weekend and it was amazing.  I got to be at CCC-Plainfield and see one of the most moving services I’ve seen in a long time as seven people were baptized as Christ followers at our newest location.  Then I came back to the CCC-Yellow Box to a standing room only crowd at our 11:00 service.  I hung out in the afternoon at CCC-Montgomery who had a huge turn-out for thier Homecoming!  (What’s a church homecoming?  I think they just made that up to have a party!)

I came away from this weekend with real sense that God is moving in so many ways at COMMUNITY and that we are just beginning to see what God has next for us…Church 2.0!

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