China_christianity_2The Sunday Chicago Tribune had a fascinating and informative front page story titled, Jesus in China.   The article begins, “Christianity’s rapid rise is reshaping the officially atheist nation, it’s politics and the way many Chinese view the world…”

One of the reasons that I was so interested in this article is that I’m increasingly convinced that the church in the west must learn from the church in the east.  There is so much growth and innovation happening in places like China, India, South Korea and beyond – we must learn what God is teaching them.  At this next years Exponential Conference we are going to feature leaders from the east in our main sessions so that we can expose leaders from the west to what God is doing in other places around the world.  It’s going to be awesome!

If you want more info beyond the article, here are a couple audio slide shows from Chicago Tribune

You might also want to know that the Public Broadcasting Service and Chicago Tribune are airing a TV specialJesus In China on Tuesday, June 24th, 8 pm CST on PBS stations.

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