Lcc_men_in_buildingHad a “Back To The Future” kind of experience on Tuesday.  I was asked to speak at Lincoln Christian College where I did undergraduate work and since Amy is a junior, her and Sue decided to go along to check out the school.  I had to get a pic of this sign.  It’s in the girls dorm and whenever a guy wants to come on the floor they sound a loud buzzer for everyone to hear and this sign lights up warning all the girls on the floor. I’m sure this sign is still there from when I was there.  I’m also sure that at the time I thought it was stupid.  And now that I’m a Dad I’m thinking, “I like it!”  Funny!  LCC is sure a lot better now then when I was there.  They got a Lcc_amy_alison great new field house, a cyber cafe called the “Warehouse” and new dorms that are under construction.  But having gone to school there and taking my daughter to check it out was a “Back To The Future” kind of experience.  Here is a pic of Amy with her friend Alison who is already going to school at LCC.

My talk at chapel seemed to be pretty well received and we had a whole bunch of students that we got to talk to about internships and leadership residencies.  I also got to spend some time talking to Keith Ray, the President about some potential partnerships.  We both have a passion for leadership, the church and doing a better job of reaching Chicago.  I’m sure something will come from it.

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