Took the whole family and extended family to Chicago
yesterday via the train.  For those that work in the city and commute everyday via the Metra this is no big thrill, but for the kids a ride on the train is still a treat.  Our first stop was1106_029
at a Chicago classic, Lou Mitchell’s for breakfast/lunch.  Really good food.  After we stuffed our gut we headed for State Street to look at
the Marshall Fields Christmas windows…hold it, Marshall Fields got bought out by some store last year from New York called, Macy’s.
  So, does this mean that I’m looking at the Macy’s Christmas windows?  As a Chicagoan this is very upsetting. Why?  Basically it boils down to resenting anything from New York or LA.  (Blogger note:  I refuse to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen.  Why?  Everyone knows the best pizza in the world is from Chicago and pizza is definitely not southern California!  1106_036

It’s the same reasons Chicagoans have to hate the Yankees.  For those same reason I also resent Macy’s buying Marshall Fields and changing the name.)  So, I enjoyed the Christmas windows and while I1106_038_5

was there Dad, Jon, Graham, myself and Josh joined a crowd of people who were protesting the change of store name.  That was fun and/or funny.  (Blogger note:  I actually love Manhattan, NYC and plan to be there next week and one of my favorite places to hang out is Orange County, CA.  But if you are from Chicago, you will understand – part of being a Chicagoan is to resent the “second city” title and know that there are some things that are simply 1106_041
better about Chi-Town!
)  After a trip down State’s Street we headed over to Millennium Park.  Awesome place.  We spent the rest of the day by contributing to the well-being of the U.S. economy by shopping for Christmas.  All and all a really fun day with lots of fun people to which I’m related.

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