Blogosphere_3In an effort to continue to improve this blog I’m going to start adding some links.  I’m thinking about featuring a new link every week.  But until I get started with that a great places to start is with some of my favorite people in the world – the staff of Community Christian ChurchMany of us on staff during the last year have started blogging in order to share the amazing things that God is doing through CCC and the NewThing Network.  It’s our hope to inspire and influence others Christ Followers at CCC and church leaders around the world.  So, in the near future I will be adding a TypeList on the right hand panel of the blog with links to CCC staff who are blogging.  With that, I present to you…

  • Tammy Melchein, CCC’s Kids’ City Champion is blogging at Multi-Site Kids.  Tammy gives us some great insights on how to do ministry for kids in a multi-site church. 

  • Shawn Williams, CCC’s Student Community Champion is blogging at Multi-Site Students.  Shawn offers his experiences on doing student ministry in a multi-site church.

  • Bill Carroll, CCC’s Arts Champion is blogging at Multi-Site Arts.  Bill and several guest bloggers are in conversation on the arts in the multi-site church.

  • Kirsten Strand, CCC’s Director of Community 4:12 is blogging at Community 4:12.  Kirsten is leading the way in realizing our vision to transform communities.

  • Janet McMahon, CCC’s Naperville Campus small groups Director is blogging at Losing Life.  Janet tells about her recent trip to India, and lots of stuff about small group leadership.

  • Eric Bramlett, CCC’s Creative Arts Director is blogging at Eric’s Eddyfications.  Eric is a creative genius and blogs about anything he wants and promises to “leave us wanting more…”

  • Katie Sutherland (alias Cafe Katie), CCC’s Ground Level Cafe manager is blogging at Cafe Kt’s CornerKatie gives us her caffeinated musings, pondering and reflections along with some terrific photos.

  • Nick Plassman, CCC’s Montgomery/Oswego Campus Student Community Director is blogging at Lost Among ThoughtsIt’s pretty much whatever amuses or interests Nick.

  • Charissa Holland, CCC’s Montgomery/Oswego Campus Arts Director is blogging at Charissa816.   Charissa blogs about her life and things that really matter to her.  She also  includes some terrific poetry.

  • Sherry Gossman, CCC’s long-distance staff member is blogging at Lost In Omaha.  Sherry blogs about trying to find a new place to celebrate, connect and contribute to the dream of God since moving to Nebraska while still working for CCC.
  • Or if you want a one-stop blog shop, visit our NewThing News Aggregator which tracks many of these blogs (I think?) at one site.

Click, enjoy and spread the word!

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