Yes_or_no_2I ran across an interesting couple posts that compare the church cultures of North Point Community Church and Community Christian ChurchDavid Rudd compares the cultures by using the words “Yes” and “No”.  He has an initial post that he titled, And Then The Light Bulb Went On… and then a second post simply titled, Continued…  To me it was interesting for a couple reasons:  1. It was interesting to get an outsiders take on CCC and our culture.  2. It was also interesting to hear someone compare us to a terrific church like North Point.

His BIG IDEA is that North Point says “No” a lot and that CCC says, “Yes” a lot.  He then points out that North Point has a strategic “No” and that CCC has a missional “yes”.  If you read his two posts, tell me what you think.

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