Ccc_montgomeryoswegoCarter and the gang at CCC-Montgomery/Oswego made the news as “Church of the Week” in the Beacon News this past week.  Congrats!!  My favorite quote was when the reporter asked Carter, “what makes your church special?” And Carter replied, “Our church is special for many reasons, two of
the biggest being community and mission. We value community highly, always
striving to include everyone, and always encouraging people to “do life
together.” We also highly value mission, as our church’s mission statement is
simply “Helping people find their way back to God.” We never lose sight of that,
and do everything we can to help more people along their journey back to God!
Great answer, Carter!

There was a cool behind the scenes story that came as a result of this news article.  The photographer who does this gig every week at a different church stuck around for the whole morning.  Afterward he told Carter, “this is the most re-freshing church I’ve been too…can I come back?”  Carter told him he could.  Gotta love it!

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