Americas_most_innovative_churchesAbout 6 weeks ago I told you we got a call from Outreach Magazine wanting to talk with us about some the innovative ways we are doing church at Community Christian Church. In the process they hinted that we would be on the list of the the top 25 most innovative churches.  Well, I just got an e-mail from Eric Bramlett telling me that Outreach published their list and Community Christian Church is #7.  It’s kind of like being the 13th Most Influential Church in America – I’m not sure it really means anything…but I hope it means something.  You know?

Since I just found out I haven’t read the article, but I will.  After I get a chance to read it I’ll give you my take.  But for now take a look at the list, read the article and let me know what you think.  If you want to read the article, click HEREIf you want to check out their top 25 list, click HERE.

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