Top_50_churches_2_3Got a couple e-mails this last weekend (one from Geoff Surratt  of Seacoast Church and the other from Eric Bramlett) letting me know that Community Christian Church was listed in the Top 50 Most Influential Churches according to The Church Report.

According to the article 50 Most Influential Churches by Dr. John Vaughn they did a survey among leaders in the 2000 largest churches in the United States and asked them what churches were the most influential.  Well, the cool part is that Community Christian Church was listed #13!  My first reactions to this news (not out loud, just in my head) were…

  • “That is just weird…it’s a list like college football rankings…except churches.”
  • “I guess if there is a list…I want to be on it.”
  • “What if we are #14 next year… does that mean that we peaked?”
  • “It still feels like we are just getting started with CCC…how could we be that influential?”
  • “Troy McMahon must have stuffed the ballot box and voted 50 times!”
  • “Why did they put the pictures of the Lead/Senior Pastors along side the ranking number?”

I’m not sure I really believe that we are the 13th most influential church in the country.  But the fact that CCC’s name is on the list raises the bar for us as a church and all of us as leaders.  While I’m sitting here in Starbucks typing this post I had a guy from our church who used to go to Fellowship Church in Little Rock (#26) tell me he saw the 50 Most Influential Churches article – word spreads fast!  So, in the words of the great theologian Spiderman – “with great power comes great responsibility”.

(If you want the pdf. of the article, click Download JULY06top50.pdf )

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