• Proactively Starting Over

    This story is mine… I just drove back from Grand Rapids after dropping my soon-to-be college freshman son off at Calvin College for cross-country camp. Even though Caleb has no plans to come home till his birthday in October Sue and I agreed to tell ourselves we were just dropping him off for cross-country camp and not really college. Why? I think it is our way pretending he is still at home till we drive back up to Grand Rapids … read more

  • That’s Exactly Why We Wrote “Finding Your Way Back To God.”

    Three different times in the last couple days I felt my heart begin to race with excitement! The first was a conversation via text with a pastor friend who told me that a young couple in his community had been given a copy of  Finding Your Way Back To God and they were in church for the very first time on Easter. He was texting to thank me and tell me that as he looked out into the audience on Easter morning he could see them … read more

  • “I Hated God For Taking My Father!”

    I am constantly hearing amazing stories of people finding their way back to God. Here is Derek’s remarkable journey in his words… “My faith in God was absolutely destroyed at 10 years of age when my father died unexpectedly in an accident. I remember being in the room holding his fingers when I heard the noise of the monitor go to a flat tone and we were rushed out of the room. I hated God for that! I hated God for taking away my father … read more

  • “I’m Ready For God To Awaken Me.”

    While Finding Your Way Back To God will be published and available on February 24th, we are already getting some amazing feedback from individuals who have read the book. Jon had an advance copy of the book that he got from the publisher and felt led to give to a friend. Here is her note to Jon after only reading the first three chapters of our new book: “Thank you again for the book. I’ve started reading and already had an “aha” moment. … read more

  • A Dangerous Dying Man

    No one has been a greater encouragement to me in the writing of Finding Your Way Back To God than Lane Hunter.  Lane has repeatedly said to me, “Dave, I need you to write this book for my friends” or “Dave, I think this is the kind of book that will help so many people who feel distant or disconnected from God’ or more to the point, “Dave, get that book written!!!” This is a picture of my good friend Lane Hunter … read more