Great NEW Features at!

CCC online community I’m excited to announce some major additions to
— Now all registered users can participate in a virtual community
, share photos, create and join groups, send messages, engage
in discussion, and generally have a good time. Find out what other
attenders are up to, create a private group for your small group to
stay in touch, or meet new people from your campus!
Whatever your
flavor, there’s something for everyone at  For more information on all the cool feature click HERE.

Many of these new features are inspired by social networking websites like Facebook,
so you’ll instantly recognize many of these enhancements. And while we
don’t aspire to become a private version of Facebook, we do hope that
these features will allow our attenders a chance to connect both online
and offline in a private, protected community. Every user can manage
their own privacy levels, but by default no user profile can be viewed
except by registered users.  If you create a profile you can do a lot of cool things:

  • Update your status so everyone else knows what you’re doing.
  • Add friends so you can keep in touch (make sure you add me!)
  • Join a campus group and find out what’s happening at your location.
  • Create a group of your own for your small group or a common interest and find people like you.
  • Upload your photos and share the pics you took with everyone.
  • Add applications to your profile like an RSS feed from your blog or your Twitter account.
  • Write on someone’s wall to let them know you’ve been thinking about them.

Another cool new feature is a user forum for our attenders to network with each other: Classifieds, Want Ads, Donations, Job Listings, Resumes and more.  At least initially, these forums are in response to a need to help attenders find work, ask for help, and exchange business contact info. So tell all your leaders: We have a place for people to go and network on

Is Twitter for Guys & Facebook for Girls?

Facebook    I got a hunch and here it is: facebook is more for girls and that twitter is more for guys.  Not sure why, but it’s a hunch. It started when my wife Sue told me that she wanted to watch the final episode of The Bachelor tonight.  So I complained to all my friends on twitter in 140 characters or less, “my wife just explained to me how she will be watching the 2 hour Bachelor finale tonight…look for me on twitter.”  Since I have my twitter automatically update my facebook status it showed up there too.  I had a hunch that I would get a reaction from people by whining about The Bachelor. What I didn’t expect is that the comments and responses I got would reveal something else about these two favorite types of social networking.  Here’s is what I noticed:

  • I got 17 responses on facebook and 16 of the responses were from women (most declaring their love for The Bachelor)
  • I got 11 responses on twitter and 9 of them were male (all in favor of anything other than the Bachelor)

So my hypothesis is that there are a higher percentage of women who utilize facebook and that there are a higher percentage of men that are on twitter.  Agree?  Disagree?  Why?   Is there any research out there to support this?

I’ve Never Got So Much Credit For Doing So Little!

365 Club logo
One of the things that occurs when you are the Lead Pastor of a large church is that you often get credit for things you with which you have very little to do.  People will tell me, “You have amazing programs in Kids City” or “I love what you are doing with students” or “where do you get all those great musicians” or “what you are doing in under-resourced communities is so inspiring”.  I think all those things are true, but I have little to do with why each of those ministries is so terrific.  We have some amazing staff and leaders that make it all happen! 

So, I’m used to getting credit when I don’t really deserve it.  But perhaps never before have I received so much credit and done so little, as to when it comes to the 365 CLUB If you haven’t got the scoop, I basically bought three cups of coffee for some workers in a FedEx Kinko’s just to be kind and they really liked it! I put that on my twitter and facebook status and Scott Couchenour read about it and started a facebook group called the 365 CLUBThe 365 CLUB challenges people to do one act of kindness everyday.  Well, there are already over 9,000 members who have committed to doing more than 3 million acts of kindness in 2009.  That is cool!  The crazy part is that I have done interviews for radio stations all across the country and also in London, England and Auckland, New Zealand.  And today, this article: 365 CLUB Spreading Kindness Across The World Via Facebook ran in the Sunday edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

It’s a God-thing.  Only God can take three cups of coffee and turn it into 3 million acts of kindness.

LEAD Conference LIVE on the Planting Channel

Lead_conference_2If you can’t be in St. Louis for the LEAD Conference, don’t worry – you can watch all the main sessions LIVE on streaming video through the Planting Channel.  It all starts on Tuesday, October 21st at 9:15 CST with Darrin Patrick (great leader, who loves church planting!) session on Gospel-Centered Repentance.  The Planting Channel (which includes a NewThing Channel) was created to bring you the best in online training for the reproducing church.

Twitter- Lost & Found?

TwitterI have become a big advocate of Twitter over the last several months.  It is a great way to share what is going on with others and find out the latest from friends, Chicago sports writers and even the CEO of TwitterBut in the last 24 hours Twitter has mysteriously lost about about 10 of the people that I follow and about 100 of the people that follow me.  So, if you were lost and want to be found, click HERE to follow me. 

Wanna Twitter?

TwitterA few months ago I started twittering. What?  It’s like a mini-blog that allows you to post quickly throughout the day and to easily follow others too.  Now some of you are thinking, “doesn’t this guy have anything better to do?”  Good question; but new technology fascinates me. and I like to stay on the edge if possible. If some of you who are a part of Community or NewThing and are interested in twittering, let me know. I’d like to see if this technology really enhances community or not. And if you are interested in following my twitter, click HERE.