Most Read Blogs In The World

Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance did some research and compiled a list of the most read church blogs.  Kent describes the list this way, “some focus exclusively on ministry, while others are more like theology blogs.  Regardless of how you label them, these are the world’s most popular church blogs written by many of today’s most influential church leaders, theologians and Christ Followers.”

You should check out the list of top blogs.  There are many blogs on there that I was not familiar with and I want to check out.  I’m happy to say that this weblog came in at #43
I don’t know what that really means…except that if next year I move up a place I can pass up #42 Scott Hodge!  🙂

One Stop for the Best Blogs

Alltop 2
If you are starting the new year by wanting to beef-up your bloglines or just find some great blogs about church leadership, ministry and all things christian – then I have the place for you!  Alltop does exactly that!  They collect lists of the best internet sources of information on all topics.  One of the lists they have compiled is about church leadership, etc; and you can look at their list by clicking HERE.

And yes this blog is on the list.  Enjoy!

Help Me With My Extreme Blog Makeover

Createnewblogcommoncraft0This blog desperately needs an overhaul.  This is actually the 2.0 version of my blog; but it has been in desperate need of a face lift for a long time.  Over the last couple years this has been a great place for me to interact with you, share ideas and links and also give you a peak (if you are interested) into my life.  Along the way there have been about a quarter of a million visitors and many more pages viewed.  But it is time for a change and now I’m in the process (actually it’s not me at all; it’s some good people who understand how to make this blog cooler and more effective) re-thinking everything about my blog.

Here is where you can help me – I would love to have your suggestions as I re-make this blog.  Would you take a second and just fill in the blank of this sentence: “Dave, you should ___________________ with the new version of your blog.”

You Are Reading An Alltop Blog

Alltop_2Alltop just added a church section which listed the top blogs on the web and I found out that this blog is on it!  Since Alltop claims it lists only the “cool kids (and me)” I guess that is a good thing!?!  Actually, I was pretty pumped about that!  Alltop was started by Guy Kawasaki, Apple/Mac Guru, best-selling author and one of the top bloggers on the planet.  Guy is also a believer and I heard him speak at the Innovate Conference last year where he did a great job.  But back to Alltop which he founded.  It was explained to me that if Google is a pile of all the information on a topic, Alltop is a magazine rack of the best on that topic.  Another way to explain it is by looking at these two pics. There are about thirty some blogs on this list including some of my favorites!  So check it out!

Follow Jon Ferguson, Tim Bakker and Team.

Jon_in_philippinesSince Jon is ignoring the public outcry for him to start blogging again someone else in the blogosphere has stepped up and provided a blog to give you the latest on his trip to the Philippines.  The picture that you see above is Jon and the team who just left to visit NewThing  affiliate Frontline Worship Center in San Pablo Philippines.  If you want to follow what Jon, Tim Bakker, Cliff Parrish and the gang are doing in the Philippines click HERE.  And if you feel like giving Jon grief for not blogging while in the Philippines you should leave him a comment.

Let Jon Know You Miss Him Blogging!

Jon_fergusonSo Jon was at my house tonight for my daughter Amy’s birthday.  I told him that everyone was really missing him not blogging.  He has not posted anything on his blog since May 8th.  That is over two months ago!  Then Jon said, “there certainly has not been any public outcry for me to start blogging again!” 

What?  No public outcry?  So I want to be the first to say, Jon, we want you start blogging again!!!”  If you are with me and you want Jon to start posting again either send him an e-mail OR post a comment on this blog OR post a comment on Jon’s blog.  C’mon public, “WE WANT JON!  WE WANT JON!  WE WANT JON!”

(He’s gonna kill me!)

Why Blog?

Ever once in a while someone (most often my wife) will ask me, “why do you blog?”  Well, this time the question came from Church Solutions Magazine.  They not only asked me the question, but they listened and then wrote a whole article on  the topic titled, Pastors Blog To Stay Connected. So, if you are are a reader and want to be a blogger OR if you are someone who is trying to figure out how to get the most out of your blog – check out this article.

Welcome Julie Bullock to the Blogosphere!

Bullockjulie2 If you want to keep up to date regarding anything to do with “generosity” you need to check out this new blog – Accelerate: propelling a movement of generosity by Community’s Julie Bullock.  Julie serves as the Director of Stewardship and Generosity for Community
Christian Church
and the Director of
Development for our NewThing Network.  Julie knows more about generosity than anyone I know, has an MBA and while in high school was the leading sales person for Serta mattresses in the state of Oklahoma!

Check Out A New Site: Building Church Leaders

Building_church_leadersThe largest Christian web presence in the world is Christianity Today (I think?) and they have recently overhauled what they are doing with Building Church Leaders site.  This new and improved site now has an Ask The Experts section.  The team at CT was nice enough to ask me to join this panel of “experts” that includes Wayne Cordeiro, Mark Driscoll, Leith Anderson and more.

They asked me to do the initial Q & A for the Ask The Expert.  The first question was, “How do you motivate your congregation to bring friends and family each week?”  Interested?  Click HERE.