50% Off The BIG IDEA & other Innovation Series Books

BIG IDEA book (2) I got an e-mail from Zondervan that for a limited time this summer they will be offering all of the titles in the Innovations series at 50% off!  This offer includes The BIG IDEA, and new releases like The Multi-Site Road Trip, which I just got a copy and it looks really good!  Other books you can get at 50% off are Servolution, Deliberate Simplicity, Sticky Church, The Monkey and the Fish and more.

To get any of the Innovation Series books at 50% off, just click HERE and find the 5 digit code.

Suggest BIG IDEAS, Get BIG IDEAS and Win Coffee!

Big idea cover We are in the process of pulling together our team to plan our BIG IDEAS for 2009-2010.  A BIG IDEA is a teaching theme for a series.  It can be topical or exegetical.  We have already had a couple of brainstorming sessions with our whole team and I also solicited the input of our Kids City Champion, Student Community Champion and Adult Ministry Champion.  I want to make sure that we have the very best BIG IDEAS for the coming year. That is where I need your help!  Our BIG IDEA yearly planning meeting is coming up in a little over a week and I would love to hear from you the best BIG IDEA series you have ever done or have ever come across. It can be your idea or somebody else’s ideas that you really like. I will make you a deal – if you leave me a comment suggesting a BIG IDEA series I will make sure that we e-mail you our complete list of possible BIG IDEAS.  Deal?  And to sweeten the pot, if we use a BIG IDEA that you suggest I will send you a $25 Starbucks gift certificate as a thank you. Or if you live in the Naperville area I will send you a $25 Ground Level Cafe gift certificate, which is even better than Starbucks!  So suggest BIG IDEAS and get BIG IDEAS back! If you want to learn more about how to create your own BIG IDEA process, then you should click HERE and get a copy of our book, The BIG IDEA

3-Steps to Implementing the Big Idea at Your Church

BIG IDEABy applying the BIG IDEA to your churches teaching ministry you will bring tremendous clarity to what it means to follow Jesus and in so doing you will increase the missional velocity of your church.  Who doesn’t want that?  Well, you can begin to apply the BIG IDEA in your church starting today. There are at least three stages you can
go through in becoming a BIG IDEA church, and these are best explained
in the acrostic B.I.G.

Eric Bramlett recently wrote an article on Pastors.com for their Ministry Tool Box that explains these three stages to implementing the BIG IDEA.

The Best Book Endorsement Ever!

BIG IDEA book (2)The following is an e-mail I just got from someone who recently read The BIG IDEA.  This is one of the finest endorsement we have received to date!

Hi Dave,
My name is Mike, a church planter. I was so intrigued by your book The BIG IDEA, that even after my kids caused me to accidentally drop it into a pee-filled toilet, I pulled it out, rinsed it off and read the last 50 pages all wet. Thanks for writing the book!

Now that is an endorsement!  If you haven’t got your bathroom copy of The BIG IDEA, click HERE.

How To Get A Publisher To Say "Yes" To Your Book

Pile-of-book (2) For the last couple weeks I have been working on a book proposal for a book that I plan to finish up before summer.  Then today I spent about an hour on a conference call talking to a couple publishers about a new line of books and what they are looking for before they agree to publish a book.  I learned a few things.

Big idea cover
Last year Jon, Eric and I were fortunate enough to be able to publish our first book, The BIG IDEA.  We were able to work with a couple of terrific publishers:  Zondervan and Leadership Network.  Coming out of that rookie experience we learned a few things about publishing, what publishers are looking for, etc.

So if you are interested in getting published or you have some ideas that you would like to share with the rest of the world in a book here are three of the things I believe publishers are looking for before they say “yes” to publishing.

CONTENT – The number one thing that a publisher is looking for is great content.  You have to have a big idea that you want to share and the world wants to hear. When it comes to publishing content is still king.  If you don’t have good content you will not get published.

INFLUENCE – Publishers are also looking for people who have influence.  If you have a following this is a signal to a publisher that you have a ready-made market for your content.

DEMAND – If there is a pent up demand for the book you want to publish that is also a factor.  If the publisher believes that the timing is right for the book you want to publish that will be important in the decision to publish your book.

Free Journal for You 2.0 Series

You 2 0 Journal Cover Front This weekend we start a critical series in the life of COMMUNITY, it is You 2.0.  For a long time we have challenged people at COMMUNITY to become 3C Christ Followers. The 3C’s are Celebrate, Connect and Contribute.  During this series we are asking people to move beyond just the doing of the 3C’s to the being of the 3C’s.  When you move from doing the 3C’s to being the 3C’s that is when you move from 1.0 to 2.0 – the next best version of You!

To kick off this series we are giving each person that attends a
COMMUNITY campus a You 2.0 journal for FREE!  You see a pic of the journal on this post.  It is our hope that as
you use this journal to hear from God everyday you will fall more in
love with Jesus and become all that He wants you to be – You 2.0.
  (Here you can download: You 2.0 Big Idea Journal Cover and You 2.0 Big Idea Journal

It’s one thing to be able to say, “yeah, I go to church every week” and it is entirely something else to be in love with Jesus.  That is the difference between Celebrate 1.0 and Celebrate 2.0.  A lot of us can say, “oh I’m a part of small group”, but that is only Connect 1.0.  If you want to move to Connect 2.0 you have a group of people that you do life with and you will get each other through anything.  It’s pretty easy to volunteer and be on a team, that’s Contribute 1.0.  Contribute 2.0 is when you become a person who lives to serve and is generous in every area of your life.  When you make each of those moves from 1.0 to 2.0 you are becoming the next best version of you – You 2.0

The Story of Everything – Most Important Series Ever?

StoryofeverythingI think we are going to look back on our current series, Story of Everything and realize that it is one of the most important series ever in the life of COMMUNITY

Why?  First, I think perhaps for the first time since we started this church people are actually understanding how everything that has happened since before time until now and then beyond time is a story about relationships.  Yes, there is truth and yes there is doctrine, but all those things are a part of the story.  Most importantly people are coming to grips with the fact that everything that happens within the story is about relationships.  Secondly, I think our use of video curriculum along with our small group discussion guides have done a terrific job of reinforcing and explaining The Story of Everything. It is one of the best examples of how to use the BIG IDEA with adults at COMMUNITY ever.  Thirdly, the experiences that have been created at our weekend services have been outstanding.  Eric Bramlett talks about the power of laughter as it was used in The Story of GodEric also shares how we created a memorable experience the second week, The Story of Sin by having every one make a cross.

If you want to check out the Story of Everything, here you go:

Keep checking out the COMMUNITY website for the next four parts of The Story of Everything.

Big Idea & Big World!

Big_idea_cover_2Since Jon, Eric and I wrote The BIG IDEA last year the book has gone through four printings and has been translated and published into Korean.  One of the cool things is when we hear from church leaders in other parts of the world that are implementing The BIG IDEA.  I got this note of affirmation and some questions today from a leader in Sao Paulo, Brazil:  “I went to a conference last June where I found your amazing book. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do the last couple years in my church, actually there is also the interest of translating this book to Portuguese…I am reading the last chapter of it and it’s simply awesome, I am too excited about it!” it’s just very cool!