CCC videos on Nightline tonight!

Nightline_2I just got a voice mail from Eric Bramlett telling me that Tom Greever (CCC’s video guy) got a phone call from ABC Television saying that they are doing a special on tonight on Nightline.  They said it will include the Christian vs. Christ-Follower videos. This series of videos has had more than a million total hits so far! They already have a preview on their site which includes our Mac/PC parody and also Dan Smiths parody Baby Got Book.  Funny stuff!  So if you get a chance to check it out on Nightline let me know what you think.

10.19.07 edit:  I watched Nightline last night and did not see our videos…??  But if you check out the ABC News website it is showing the Christian vs. Christ-Follower video.  Still cool.

I Belong In Chicago.

Green_mambaI was still thinking about my trip to Rwanda so I went over to the Global Family Rescue blog and read Melody’s most recent post , I Guess I’m Really In Africa.  It’s funny but scary; she tells how yesterday her boys found a deadly green mamba in the front yard.  Yikes!  That doesn’t really make me want to live in Africa, but it didn’t influence my response to what I have been thinking lately – and that is this:   I am in the right spot at the right time for right now.  I belong in Chicago.

Every time I take a trip to a new place or go visit a new church plant – whether it is Kigali, Rwanda or New York City I find myself wondering, “maybe I should live and serve here.”  As those questions came flooding into my mind, the response came like an outgoing tide, “You belong right where you are”.  Why do I belong here?

  • God has me in a place that fits my gift mix – Leading Community Christian Church and NewThing totally fit who I am.  I’m a spiritual entrepreneur with a love for leading and starting new stuff that “helps people find their way back to God”.  I can best leverage who I am for right now by being right here.
  • “Dave, without CCC, there is no GFR” – That was one of the last things that Ben Pahlow, President of GFR said to me before I left Rwanda.  He was talking about CCC’s ongoing challenge to every person to be on mission with God and to ask, “What next God?”  He was talking about the $400k-$500k that CCC attenders will give to GFR families in Rwanda over the next 3 years.  I need to be influencing people with influence right here.
  • Chicago is my hometown – I grew up in the Chicago area.  I love Chicago (the White Sox part, not the Cub part).  I fit in Chicago.  I connect with people from Chicago.  And Chicago is one of the most influential cities in the most influential country in the world.  I need to be right here, right now.

If God wants to me go, I will go!  But until God has a better place for me I am in the right spot at the right time for right now.  And it has nothing to do with snakes.